Friday, September 28, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007


this is Katie

this Eddie

Birds Talking SOLD

Bye and Bye opens

My roomates just opened a bar on Alberta and 10th. It is called the Bye and Bye. It is full of awesome art and has a great patio. The junkebox is great, they have food (vegan), beer and hard liquor. It is all around good. They did an awesome job. I am so proud of them.

stuff in a suit case.


We went to see the Swifts in NW Portland. Every year they fly around the school then they fly into the chimney. But while they are flying around a falcon comes flying through and picks'em off. They show up every year in the same spot, and they do it for about 3 weeks.

here is a close up of the swifts flying in.

swifts crowd

Elijah and I brought some cardboard and slid down the hill.

This guy was there too. It kind of looks like these people are sitting in a prison yard and he is yelling at them. Oh and he has no shirt on, gross shorts, and tape around his chest.

clydes car needs work

this is Ian and Clyde fixing Clydes car.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

katie in bens van

River time

summer is on the way out so...

went to the river with some friends. I can't believe that summer is almost gone.SUUUUUCKS.

Moon Worm Sculpture sold

this is the moon worm he was fun to make.

back of the moon worm

Modest Mouse show at Edgefield

so the show was realy nice. It was Decembers B-day, we brought some Makers, got a free bling shirt and had an awesome time. They sounded good too. There was an army of TARDIS there for all the time lords that showed up.

Soap Box Derby

you can slide down the hill with some cardboard too.