Monday, August 13, 2007

Stay in Atoria

December and I went up to Astoria for a few days to watch a friends house and her dog Vergil. It was awesome. It is kind of gritty and it feels like an old Portland. But I think it is about to blow up and get ruined just like Portland is. There was a whole lot of new houses that were being built and they look like they were teleported from California. They didn't fit in to land scape of Astoria at all, and it just bums me out. So go north and visit there before the ruin that city too.

This is a new painting that I started in Astoria. It is finished and it is hanging at SAMEUNDERNEATH downtown at 23th and Johnson.

December made a dutch baby and it was soooo good.

over view of astoria

mmmmmmm coffee.

I checked out the park there. It has really good flow.

We went to the beach with the dogs.

This is us in the American TARDIS.

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